Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Stilled by Worldwind Tongues" by Bloodrock

Bloodrock made just one appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 with their morbid "D.O.A", in early 1971, when I was a second-semester junior at the State University of New York at Buffalo and living in a duplex with Ralph Pearson, Al ("Dr. Ono Marmalade") Marmulstein, and Tom Szczesny in a duplex on Tonawanda Creek Road, 8 miles north of the campus.  All of our neighbors were regular people, i.e. not students.  I'm sure they all shook their heads in dismay every time they saw our tied-dyed curtains through the living room's picture window.

By this time, their final studio album in 1974, the group had moved from hard rock to progressive rock, trying to give Jethro Tull a run for its money with this catchy tune.

Listeners weren't interested, though.  The album quickly sank after its release, never registering on the Billboard Top 200.

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